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Cold Calling And The Junior High Dance

People often say: If I could only be younger.  And I say: I wouldn’t mind being younger if I could know what I know today. Before we talk about business and cold calling let’s go back to the junior high dance times for a moment…

There are many lessons in life that we have learned along the way to help us arrive with where we are now. Many of these life lessons would have been helpful as a teenager. For example, at the junior high dance. The teenage boys would stand on one side of the room in fear of crossing the floor and asking a teenage girl to dance even though they desperately wanted to take that long trip across the floor. The teenage girls would be standing on the other side of the room wishing and hoping the teenage boys would ask them to dance. Both living in fear of rejection or not being liked. Because of that fear, they may not have had an enjoyable time at the dance or missed meeting a potential great friend or even, the great love of their life. In times long past people use to talk about how someone would come calling to the house for someone in particular. Life’s predecessor to cold calling in the business world, perhaps?

Now let’s fast forward to today in business.

Do you like to prospect for business by cold calling another business person?

Most business people I know would rather go to the dentist for a root canal than to be cold calling prospects for new business.

Is that you?

You may be afraid to pick the phone up and make the call not knowing what you will encounter when someone answers the phone. The business person you are calling may have a need for your products or services and silently wishes that someone would call them to help solve a particular problem or need. YOU could be that person – but you won’t know unless you dial the number and call.

Instead you’re wondering and worrying about what may happen if they reject your call.  The answer is: Nothing will happen to you. You’ll just go on to the next call who may happen to be your next new customer. You’ll know this particular prospect is not your ideal customer rather than wondering what if. Be glad you have this information to further improve your sales and business.

On the flip side, you may actually have an opportunity to identify a strong business contact and a potentially faithful, long term customer that you wouldn’t have come in contact with if you hadn’t called.

The outcome is not something you can predict when cold calling in business. So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and dial a number.

Fear of the unknown will only prevent you from business success.

Customers are out there waiting for you. Just like at the junior high dance, reach out to your ideal business prospects. Start a conversation and see what happens. One day soon, you may be saying to yourself after a successful call with a new customer and say: Remember when?…


To your success!


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