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CEOs: For MORE Business Success Don’t Neglect This

As a CEO, president or business owner, you spend night and day agonizing over your business.  You cut every cost you can think of without hurting your business to keep it lean, agile and profitable.  You evaluate your staffing.  Are always on the lookout for superstar employees.  You dream up new and unique marketing plans.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week your brain is working overtime.  There is no letting up.  You can’t stop for a minute.  You work late and come in early.  There is no time for anytime.  Except working towards your company surviving and succeeding. You neglect nothing. Or do you?

Question: Are you neglecting the one most important aspect of your business?

What’s that?, you ask.

Answer: YOU!

The one with the vision, the strategy and the leadership necessary to manage this company created from an idea, a thought, a moment of genius to live your dreams to the fullest.


You’re so busy worrying about everybody and everything related to your business that you often neglect taking care of yourself.

For example:

Eating lunch:  “Get me something from the fast food place.”  Maybe you even skip lunch most days and just grab another cup of coffee or a Diet Coke to get your through.

Exercise:  “Who has time?”

Sleep:  “I’m up till 3 AM just thinking about how to make it work.”

Weekends: “I’m working this weekend.”  Forget about spending time with friends or family.

Never once do you consider what all of this is doing to your personal well-beingIn many ways, you are the business.  If your thinking isn’t clear.  If your energy level isn’t high.  Or you get sick because you run your health into the ground.  Then you take the risk of everything in your business falling apart.

Stop and think for a few minutes about what you are doing to your health.  Then put a plan in place so the most important person in the company is at the top of their game because they are taking care of themselves.

Take the time to eat right, get enough sleep, go home and see the family, take time off on the weekends and even get that medical check up you’ve been putting off.

No matter how successful your company is, no matter how much money you make.  If you destroy your health you won’t get the chance to enjoy your business success.

Also think about if you don’t take care of yourself how your poor health can affect your family.  Aren’t they one of the reasons you work so hard?  So give them the best gift you could and take care of yourself for your sake, your family’s and the business. Your family, friends, customers and employees will thank you.

You need to be your absolute best to succeed in business.

Taking time for yourself – whether it’s a 15 minute coffee break, lunch outside the office, a long weekend or a week’s vacation – will only make you better at what you do. It’s important to take time away from the office as it will give you fresh perspective and an opportunity to see things other than the top of your desk.

Remember: Take care of yourself.  Take care of the business.

May this be the best business year ever!


To your success!


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