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CEOs: Do You Have A Natural Disaster Emergency Business Plan?

As a CEO, president or business owner, do you have a natural disaster emergency business plan in place?

It seems there are more natural disasters today than there ever were. That may or may not be true. It may just be the 24 hour news cycle that makes us much more aware of what is going on in the world than ever before. When we are catching up on the daily news and we hear about a disaster, whether it’s along the Mississippi River, the Colorado River or along the Hudson River, we have great sadness for the people it is happening to but we never think it is going to happen to us. May it never.

But life can throw your business a curve ball every once in a while and you can find yourself in the middle of an unexpected natural disaster. Often you never even see it coming. One day the sun is out, the birds are singing and everything in your business is just fine. Then suddenly, it’s the unimaginable and chaos reigns because of Mother Nature, a broken water pipe or loss of electricity.

Have you thought about the “what ifs” like a weather catastrophe or other unexpected natural event happened to your business?  Such as:

– Do you have a natural disaster emergency business plan in place so you know what actions you would take? Have you thought it through well enough even if you do have a plan?

– How often do you revisit and revise your plan? For example: Are you backing up your computers on site as well as off site to fully protect your business data? Do you have an updated list of all of your clients, vendors and employees contact information where you can reach them if your office is destroyed?

– Do you have a business plan as to how you would be up and running again in a short period of time so you wouldn’t lose much, if any, business?


CEOs, presidents and business owners: Always have two business plans: 1) for “normal” business days; 2) for when a natural disaster or other emergency may strike – a natural disaster emergency business plan.

Although, may nothing ever happen to you and your business, it seems like the wise, practical and smart thing to do is to be prepared for the unexpected especially when it comes to major weather and other natural disaster events.


To your success!


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