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Carrie Coghill Talks About The Economy And Business Wealth Management


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Here are notes from my discussion with Carrie Coghill:

Carrie talked about the headwinds that business everywhere is now dealing with. How the world economies, including Europe and the United States, remain on life support. She addressed the debt crisis, inflation; the rising gas and oil prices and the still plummeting housing market and interest rates. She talked about how all of these issues affect the economy and your business.

Carrie talked about how important it is, even in this uncertain economy, to plan in your business. How when planning take into account cash flow reserves, what amount of cash to keep fluid, factoring in unforeseen events and emergencies, the importance of your employees’ salaries and dealing with changes in rules and regulations that all business are now facing.

We talked about the upcoming presidential election and its impact on business including taxation, regulation, the deficit and dealing with the unknown.

In the second half of the show, we talked about how CEOs, presidents and business owners can safeguard the business they have worked so hard to build. Carrie noted how succession planning is often overlooked by business people; and how even successful business people are facing a very different kind of retirement these days if not well planned for.

I asked Carrie for suggestions on what CEOs, presidents and business owners should be reading now to stay “in the know” with the economy as well as who to follow on Twitter for economic information.

We concluded the show with Carrie’s commenting that all is not doom and gloom with the economy, business or the United States. Carrie’s perspective includes how important innovation and creativity is in today’s marketplace; plus how fortunate we are here in the United States to be able to start a business and live our dreams; and finally, how vital it is to keep and value our freedoms.

Carrie closed the segment by discussing business and economy with how drive and determination comes from passion and loving what you do every day. She said it’s important to know what your natural abilities are. An example: Starbucks – somebody liked drinking coffee… and you know the rest of the story.

For more about Carrie Coghill, continue reading.



My goal each week on the Talk Business With Howard show on Blog Talk Radio is to bring CEOs, presidents and business owners information that can help you run a better business. It’s also about reducing the stress of running a business in today’s uncertain economy in order to make the best possible business decisions every day.

This week my guest on the show is Carrie Coghill.

Carrie Coghill, President/CEO of Coghill Investment StrategiesCarrie’s name may sound familiar to you as she is a regular contributor to CNBC. She has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today, Business Week, Money Magazine, Dow Jones, Wall Street Week and

Here are some of the topics we will be discussing on the show this week:

– The overall outlook for the economy

– How the interest rate environment is impacting business

– What companies can do to protect against the economic headwinds

– The impact the presidential election may have on the business environment

– Specific issues CEOs, presidents and business owners should be addressing for their own personal security such as succession planning and retirement planning

– With so much uncertainty, how CEOs, presidents and business owners can manage their personal wealth through times frames and diversification

And much more will be discussed during Carrie Coghill’s visit to Talk Business With Howard radio.

The show airs live on Wednesday, February 29th at 11 AM/ET on Blog Talk Radio. You are welcome to listen to the show live or you can listen to the recorded show. Click here to go to the Blog Talk Radio show page. The show is also available on iTunes.




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