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Can Losing In Sports Or In Business Make A Winner?

For football fans, some big favorites lost this weekend.  For example, the Super Bowl Champions, Pittsburgh Steelers, lost a game to Chicago that they definitely should not have lost, the Dallas Cowboys lost in their brand new, highly publicized stadium in the last few seconds of the game, and the New England Patriots, who two years ago could do no wrong and didn’t lose a game all season, lost to the New York Jets.

The fans of all of these teams, including myself who is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, were probably in shock and had much higher expectations of their teams this weekend.  Unfortunately, they all lost!

I can understand how for the loyal football fan losing a game can be to be a very depressing situation. Their team is always expected to win.  But when I put this into a business perspective, the best thing that could have happened to these teams and maybe a few others is to have lost early in the season.

Football is a game of skill, strength and strategy.  What wins any sporting event more than any other element is attitude.  How bad do they want to win?  Or are they just out there playing the game without the intensity and desire needed to win?  Every single team that lost will now go into practice this week with a deflated ego and have to work harder to take their opponents more seriously.  Having the air taken out of their bravado and claims of greatness, they will now have to get to down to the very basic skills of the game and get a no lose attitude.

Not just a winning attitude but a no lose attitude.

So how bad do you want to win in your business?  Do you have the intensity and desire to win at the game of business? Do you have a no lose attitude?

Almost every business in the country over the past couple of years has been in a losing situation.  Those businesses that have gone through the basics, improved their operations and rededicated themselves to a no lose – win attitude will now be on the path to regaining success.  So if you’ve been kicked around in the last couple of years, it’s a new day in business.  It’s a new game.  Let’s play the game of business to win.

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