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Business Success Begins With Listening To Yourself

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My guest on Talk Business With Howard radio this week was Joan Stewart, aka the Publicity Hound. Before we got into our discussion on publicity and how any business can become a media empire, I started off the show by asking Joan how she came up with the name, Publicity Hound.

She talked about two things everyone can do to increase creativity: 1) exercise 2) get in the water such as with swimming or to spend time in the sauna. Joan was walking one day a number of years ago, as part of her daily exercise routine, when suddenly out of the blue the name, Publicity Hound, popped into her head… and the rest is history.

What’s the business lesson here?

Business success begins with listening to yourself.

The answers you need for your business are there inside you.

But there is so much noise, distraction and clutter around you in daily life that it’s difficult to listen to yourself and to hear the answers.

No matter what happens in your business, always listen to yourself.

You are the leader of your company. Leaders lead.

Listen to yourself. And yes, listen to experts for advice and perspective. But ultimately, always listen to yourself because the answers are there when it’s time to make business decisions or to examine the vision you have for your company.

How can you develop the skills to listen more effectively to yourself for answers?

Business Success Begins With Listening To YourselfEvery day set aside 30 minutes. Shut off the cell phone. Close down the iPad or computer (unless you wish to take notes – which is a very good idea – to have something handy to jot down key thoughts and ideas with). Don’t take any calls, don’t look at any emails or have anyone knock on your door. Don’t check your social media streams.

Close the door. And think. Or go for a walk like Joan did that day.

Joan also mentioned the use of water as a way to increase creativity and to clear the mind. Don’t discount your time in the shower every day! Some of the best ideas can come while in the shower as many business people will attest to! I find time in the shower is a valuable time to think about the day. I also meditate during the work day to clear my mind. These practices have become more acceptable to modern daily life because they work. They can help to remove yourself for all the noise, distraction and clutter around you so you can literally “hear yourself think”.

What you think about each day; what questions you formulate about your business and you as a leader of your company, will be what’s important to your business at that moment.

Also, think about the future. Your company may be doing well today but do you have the right vision for tomorrow?

Most business people start a daily practice like this only to eventually stop. Don’t stop. Find the time and keep the daily appointment with yourself.

Successful CEOs, presidents and business owners do this day after day. They train their minds to create the necessary questions and then to come up with the answers to more effectively lead their company, employees and self to success.

You can too.

As I always say, business success is determined by how you think.

Start listening to yourself.

And listen to Joan Stewart, aka the Publicity Hound, for tips and strategy on how your company can build a media empire to improve your business results.  Click here for a link to the show page.

Joan is also offering all friends of Talk Business With Howard a free tip sheet, “101 Ways to Find Content for Your Blog”. To get your free copy to help create your media empire, click here.

Look forward to hearing about your business success stories.

And if you have any questions for Joan or myself about how to build a media empire to improve your business results, let us know. Post your comments and questions here.




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