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Business Problems: Crisis Or Opportunity?

Listen to Howard talk about how business problems can be real opportunities for your business:


Today let’s talk about the word: business.

What does the word, business, mean? You can look the word up in the dictionary and get a definition for the word, business – but what does it mean to you?

Business woman dealing with business problemsAs a CEO, president or owner, you’re in business every day. So this word especially has meaning to you. It may mean something as simplistic as being able to sell a product or service, doing what you do better than the competition, provide great customer service, make customers happy and in turn, are paid well for what you provide and are profitable. You do this over and over and over every day.

The word, business, may be just a word but to anyone running a business, it has a lot of meaning.

Here’s another word that has a lot of meaning when running a business: problem.

Now put the two words, together: business problem.

Is a business problem a crisis or an opportunity for you and your company? And how do you decide which it is?

If you are a plumber and the phone rings, there’s a problem on the other end of the phone line. Someone has a leak and there’s water all over the floor or there’s a drain that needs unclogged or a showerhead needs replaced. If the phone to your plumbing business only got calls that said, “Everything is fine. Don’t need you.” You wouldn’t be too happy and there wouldn’t be any business!

If you operated a grocery store, you’re a destination because people have a particular problem – they’re hungry. Not only do you sell food to satisfy their hunger, but you have flowers to greet them as they walk into the store – so they can see them, smell them and think about what a great grocery store it is and how nice it would be to have some flowers on the table tonight with dinner. The food staples such as bread and milk are to the side and back of the store so as customers walk through the aisles  other products will be picked up for purchase. That’s how you make a profit by selling more than just the staple food items. That’s why they are placed at eye level to attract the right buyers. And don’t forget the checkout line. As customers wait in line, they are surrounded by lots of tempting, feel good items that are easy to pick up and toss in the shopping cart or put directly on the conveyor belt – magazines, chewing gum, candy, cookies. All really profitable but they also solve a problem for the customer who is hungry and needs something quick or wants a few minutes of escapism by reading about the latest gossip or fashions. If you’re hungry or you’ve had a bad day, you’re in crisis.

Now think about what the crisis is in your business?

It could be you have employee problems. Okay, let’s deal with the problems.             

It could be you have marketing and sales problemsOkay, let’s deal with the problems.                                                                                                                                                 

It could be you have cash flow problemsOkay, let’s deal with the problems.

Or it could be any number of other business problems you are facing.

When you wake up in the morning and walk into your office, into your business, it’s not: Do I have a business problem?

It’s: What problem do I have today? Am I willing, able and qualified to tackle that problem? If I’m not qualified, if I don’t have the information, where am I going to get what I need to solve the problem?

Business is a string of problems put together that you solve in order to make a profit.


No problems = no profits.


The next time a problem develops in your business, don’t go into crisis mode or get overly upset. When a customer is unhappy with your service, when someone is unhappy with a product, when someone else is unhappy with an employee interaction, for example, pause and say to yourself: Aha! That’s exciting! There is a problem I can tackle! And by tackling it, business is going to get even better! Not only am I going to take it on but watch for it to show up again in the future! And I’ll be ready for it!

Embrace business problems as they are opportunities. Don’t be afraid of them. For example, if there is a problem and you have to call someone back, don’t put it off – call them right away. Pick up the telephone, dial the number and say: Hello. I understand you have a problem. I’m here to solve it for you.

Remember: The word, “problem”, is not a bad word. It’s a word that means: I will improve my business. It will help me improve my profits. It will reduce my stress because I’m going to deal with it. I’m going to knock the problem right out of my business so that when the next problem comes up I can deal with it. I am not going to let business problems accumulate only to create more business problems.

By thinking this way about the word, business, and about the word, problems, you won’t be creating a crisis but rather an opportunity for your company to improve and become more profitable. And that’s the definition of success!


Have a business problem that you would like to turn into an opportunity for your company? Let’s talk about it. Just call me at 888-738-1855.


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