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What Successful Business Plans Don’t Have

As a CEO, president or business owner, your business doesn’t have any sense of “time” or “patience”. It’s either making a profit or it’s not making a profit. Successful business plans don’t have “time” or “patience” either.

In many ways, business is like a young child. It just wants what it wants; and if it doesn’t get what it wants, it throws a temper tantrum. We all know what that temper tantrum is: loss of momentum, loss of sales, loss of customers. All of those things translate into financial loss and chaos for your business.


Here are some examples to illustrate how business doesn’t have any sense of “time” or “patience”.:

  • When you place an order for business supplies, the supplier or vendor is going to expect payment.
  • When payday rolls around, your employees expect paychecks.
  • When customers seek out your goods and services, they expect you to always have what they need.


So what does this mean to you and your company?

Business is also somewhat like a computer without a software program. If we buy a brand new computer and it includes no software, all we have is a very expensive piece of equipment that when we turn it on, we see nothing on the screen. It’s just a blank screen, at best.

Same is true with business.

Your business just sits there. It has no “patience”. It has no understanding of “time”. It actually has very little value until you plug in the software that makes it work. Of course, that software is you – the CEO, president or business owner that makes everything work together in harmony.

Don’t buy the story that you have to have “patience” as a business leader. That you need to give your business “time” and in turn, business will improve someday in the future. By having “patience” you can go broke..


Use all of the business experiences you’ve had throughout the years, focus like you have never focused before.

Get moving.

Get thinking.

Get into action.

Make it happen.

Keep moving forward.

Otherwise, business stops.


In every business upturn there are business people who don’t have what it takes and lose vast sums of money; and in every business downturn there are business people who sit down and focus, gather their thoughts, rewrite their business plans for the current conditions and are relentless in the pursuit of success and profit.

Business success happens regardless of what is happening in the economy.

Failure is not an option in business.

Because of today’s economy, technology, customer expectations and the demands of running a company in a highly competitive marketplace, your business needs to be able to “turn on a dime” in response.

Don’t wait.

Start today to create the business plan you need for success.

You’ve put too much of yourself into your business to be left behind. To let competitors take your customers. To fail.


To your success!


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