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Business People Need To Believe

Over the past several years, the economic conditions have been like nothing we have seen in most of our lifetimes.  In thinking about all of the economic problems that have happened over the past several years, I realized that there are many business people who have just stopped believing.  They have stopped believing in the economy.  Their business.  Their employees.  And even, started doubting their own abilities.  And their own dreams of business success. 

Business people today are struggling for success and profits.  We need to start changing this lack of belief in the business community.  As business people, we need to start believing in the future.  The country runs on the success of business, especially entrepreneurial, family-owned businesses. 

I recognize that many business people have serious concerns about what is happening in Washington with the current administration.  There is much uncertainty about the economy and government policy.  But as business people… as CEOs, presidents and business owners, we need to recognize the creative, adaptive, survival spirit within each of us.   It’s time to recreate the business dreams you once had.  Put imagination and determination back into your business.  Use all your resources to get back into the game of business success. 

When you start to believe in yourself, your business dreams and everything around you, you’ll find your perspective changing.  You’ll find yourself coming up with new business ideas and you will once again have faith in and be excited about the future.

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