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Business Mistake? Here’s What To Do.

We live in an interesting, fast changing world. Wouldn’t you agree?

Many people when starting to think about the fall season and the eventual approach of winter start bringing out the coats and sweaters or are out in the yard to rake leaves and plant tulip bulbs. Just like in the springtime, they’ll be washing windows after a long winter, perhaps planting a summer garden with vegetables and seasonal flowers, raking leaves (again) and bringing out the summer clothes including shorts and t-shirts.

Today people don’t keep their clothes for as long as our grandparents or great grandparents did. Back then people would often keep their overcoats till they were threadbare. Same with shoes. They’d have the leather soles replaced as well as the heels till the shoes feel apart.

Now it’s more about being in style; being in fashion. People think nothing of buying a new coat each year. Fabrics aren’t the quality they were in years past contributing to the fashion buying cycle. Everything today is mostly wash ‘n’ wear. You wouldn’t want to be considered “out of style”, would you?

Stressed businesswoman due to business mistake

When you look at ads on television, in magazines or on the internet, the people in those ads often appear to look and act perfect. Which, in turn, can make you want to look and act perfect. That’s a problem because people are not perfect in life or in business.

For example, two teams play in the Super Bowl. One wins. One loses. The team that loses isn’t celebrated. Yet out of 32 teams only two get to go to the Super Bowl each year. Second place isn’t good enough.

More and more, people today feel the need to be perfect. Use the right toothpaste for a whiter brighter smile. Use the right shampoo for more shine and volume. Oh, and don’t forget to dress a particular way for maximum success. It’s about being as perfect as possible. Otherwise, the fear is that someone may take yours customers or worse yet, want to takeover the company when it’s not to your best advantage.

It’s correct to want to do a good job at running your business; and to do everything possible to make business happen. To go the extra distance in your work each day. But to feel you can never ever make a business mistake is just wrong.

In the more than 25 years of advising the many hundreds of CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States, the most successful are those that have made mistakes. In fact, some were absolute doozies when it comes to business mistakes. Real business problems. Events that put them on the edge, sometimes to the point of nearly or having to go out of business, sell the company or to seek a new job and start all over again.

How do you stop yourself from making a business mistake?

Answer: You can stop yourself from making a business mistake by…

  • Thinking things through
  • Determine what the unintended consequences may be
  • To keep asking questions till you are satisfied you have the necessary answers.


But sometimes you can’t see everything that may be coming your way.

Sometimes you may get blindsided.

Sometimes things happen that you didn’t expect.


What to do when you make a business mistake?


  • Evaluate what happened
  • Determine what actions to take/not take
  • Start over again.


As you regain your balance just go out there and do it again – only this time with more knowledge, awareness and understanding.

Mistakes are inherent to business – and to life.

The key is to not make the BIG mistake that puts you out of a job as the head of your company or the company out of business.

The next time you make a business mistake (and yes, it will happen sooner or later…), compliment yourself for being assertive enough to be out there making decisions that will help further your goals and success in the future. Just be careful not to make the BIG mistake that will cost you everything.

Remember: Business mistakes happen. That’s not an excuse. It’s reality.

Do your best not to…

  • Be too critical of yourself
  • Make the same mistake again and again and again
  • Learn from your mistakes.


You can’t go through life thinking you can be perfect all the time. It just doesn’t happen.

Business mistakes, if handled in the right way, can actually be a positive part of your business day.

To your success!


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