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Business Is Like Drinking A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Business and CoffeeIt takes a combination of many factors to have a successful business. If you are like many business people, including CEOs, presidents and business owners, you may start your day with a cup (or two) of coffee. It helps to get your day going in the right direction with the right mindset ready to accomplish whatever comes your way! To take on the day with positive energy!

Business is like drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Here’s why:

If you’re a coffee person, you may prefer a particular brand of coffee. You may have a specific coffee shop that is a favorite of yours on the drive to work or is walkable to/from your workplace. You may even have a coffeemaker machine in your house or office. Whether you prepare or buy the brewed coffee, you don’t want it to be too hot as then it’s not drinkable. Yet you don’t usually want it to be cold either (unless it’s a hot day and iced coffee is the order of the day). You want your coffee to be just the right temperature. The right brand of coffee, prepared by your go-to coffee location with whatever your preference of cream, sugar or flavors may be – or perhaps prefer coffee just black to take in its full flavor –  can be a savory moment in your day. When coffee isn’t prepared just right, you’ll taste it, stop and say to yourself: Whoa…!  It spoils not only the cup of coffee but also puts a brief pause on your business day.


A combination of steps and procedures go into the enjoyment of a perfect cup of coffee. So too, it’s a combination of steps and procedures to have a perfect business – to have a successful business; to have a profitable business.

As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to:

  • Understand your business
  • Understand your employees
  • Understand others you work with including vendors and professional services such as attorneys, CPAs, etc.
  • Understand who the customer or client is
  • Understand what the customer or client needs
  • Understand your business plan including prospecting, marketing, sales, customer service, etc.
  • Understand the vision you have moving forward with your company.


If one aspect or segment isn’t working in combination with the pursuit of business success, it’s going to ultimately give you pause. You’re going to say, Whoa!

For example:

  • You can have a great prospecting plan but if you can’t close a sale, it doesn’t work.
  • Or … You along with your sales team can be the best closers ever but if you’re not prospecting, it doesn’t work.
  • If you close a deal, have a signed contract, yet don’t deliver within the agreed timeline it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is. You’ve got a business problem!


That’s why business is like drinking a hot cup of coffee. You must get the absolute perfect blend. The perfect mix of ingredients. If you do, the cup of coffee is delicious! From a business perspective, you will enjoy the busy work pace – and be less stressed!


Starting today, if you don’t already do this, sit down and think about your business from beginning to end. Just as you make a point of stopping at some point in the day for a cup of coffee, make the same effort to take time and think about your business. Take 10 -30 minutes every day. Have ready paper and pen or a blank document onscreen to take notes of your thoughts. Perhaps include a hot cup of coffee or another favorite beverage.

Think about:

  • Exactly what you need to have happen in your business
  • What you need to put in place
  • What’s working
  • What’s not working
  • How to better get what you want from your business, today and in the future.

Keep thinking about what the perfect combination of ingredients is for continued business success and profit. Business, like a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, is about timing.

The right brew for your business will:

  • Give your employees what they need to be productive and satisfied with the work environment or company culture
  • Give your customers or clients what they need to match the expectations of using your product or service


Coffee and BusinessThis is how the magic of success happens in your business when everything comes together!

Never stop thinking about your business.


Make it HAPPEN!

You can’t just think about your business one or two times and expect everything to be okay. Make time every day just like you do for that great cup of coffee you find so satisfying. Be constant with your business thought process.

Always asking with a positive attitude:

What’s next in my business for MORE success and profit?

You’ll be a much happier businessperson!


To your success!



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