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Be Creative When Hiring The Right Employee

As any CEO, president or business owner will tell you, good employees can be hard to find.  Often business people when asked why a position is still open will comment: “Can’t find the right person,” “The ad didn’t pull much response,” or “We have exhausted all our possibilities.”  Successful business leaders, however, will also tell you identifying, recruiting and retaining the best employees is a constant process. It requires diligence, thoughtfulness and creative thinking when hiring the right employee.

In today’s competitive business world, all businesses want to hire the best people possible.  But because today’s labor market is so competitive, finding ideal candidates means utilizing multiple recruiting methods. Many companies have success with utilizing multiple recruiting methods, both traditional and non-traditional.


Consider the following ideas as you begin the process of hiring the right employee:


  • Who Do You Know? When a position comes open, always post it for everyone in the company to see. There may be an internal candidate who comes forward and acknowledges interest, or an employee may refer someone they have previously worked with. Some companies offer incentives to current employees if a referred job candidate is hired and remains on the job for the specific period of time.


  • The Newspaper. This is probably the most traditional way to seek a new hire. Though the hiring process has changed due to technology and employment trends, newspapers can still be an appropriate place to start depending upon the candidate and job that needs to be filled at your company. The number of responses to a newspaper ad can widely vary due to a variety of factors but remember, as you conduct any candidate search, you are only looking for that one person who is ideally suited – and will accept — the job. Often newspapers will offer employer packages, which feature the Sunday edition plus posting the ad on their Internet site and/or other high circulation days or special feature editions.


  • Employment Websites. Surfing the web for a job has become just as common and accepted as scanning the newspaper. In fact, even more so. The internet has become the go to resource for those actively seeking employment. Depending on whether the open position requires a local, regional or national search, there are employment websites to fit your needs. Websites include (but are not limited to): Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Monster, SimplyHired, Dice, LinkUp (not to be confused with LinkedIn), to name a few.


  • Hire Someone To Conduct The Search For You. When an ad is posted in the newspaper or on the Internet, frequently the responses are from people actively seeking employment because they were laid off or lost their job for any number of other reasons. But the perfect candidate for your organization may not be actively seeking a new job, which is why you might consider a professional recruiter. A recruiter provides a valuable service to the employer when there is a very specific, difficult or time-consuming candidate search that your company cannot conduct on its own. Fees, services and industry specialties vary from recruiter to recruiter and may be a worthwhile investment that helps your company find the best possible candidate.


Utilizing the newspaper, the internet or a professional recruiter are all considered more traditional methods of seeking candidates to fill open job positions. Yet employers need also to be creative when seeking the best employees and be on the candidate hunt 24/7.

Let’s review other ways you can be creative when hiring the right employee for your company:


  • LinkedIn. As a CEO, president or business owner, are you on LinkedIn? If so, do you have an up-to-date profile? Do your key management personnel have profiles on LinkedIn? Does your business have a company page? If so, is it updated frequently with news and job postings? LinkedIn is the number one social business resource on the internet. You can also advertise on LinkedIn by targeting the ideal profile who may be attracted to working at your company. Depending on what level you subscribe to on LinkedIn can open up creative search possibilities for the ideal candidate. Make certain you are active on LinkedIn for networking, hiring, sales and business success.


  • Go Shopping.  If applicable, go and shop the competition to see how they are recruiting candidates. While you shouldn’t be actively recruiting employees from the competition – after all, you wouldn’t want them to do that to your business – you can look for new recruiting ideas. As you engage people in conversation, try to find out what someone did prior to their current job or ask how they came about joining the company.  Again, you are simply seeking information to give you ideas for your own candidate search.


  • Shop The Job Description. Every position at your company should have a formal job description with requirements and ideal candidate background. Write down as long a list as possible of where you could find such a candidate. Then, if possible, seek out and talk to as many people already working in those categories. As you speak to someone at a non-direct business, ask him or her whom they may know or who may be interested in talking with you further. Whether you are shopping the competition or shopping at other potential candidate workplaces that are not directly competing with you, the goal remains the same to gather information and see where it may lead you.


  • Trade Shows. An excellent opportunity to network with associates from your industry or industries that benefit from your business.


  • Job Fairs. Let people know you are hiring. A great opportunity to talk with potential candidates that may lead to hiring the right employee.


  • Trade Associations. Often trade or industry associations will post opportunities for their members as either a free or fee-based service.


  • Universities and Trade Schools. Depending upon the position you need to fill, schools can often help. Students in today’s marketplace are looking for experience within their field of study. Many students seek internships which can then lead to actually hiring the right employee full time on a permanent basis.


  • State Agencies. Check whether your state has a specific government agency that will post your job openings and review resumes prior to forwarding them to you. Again, this is best suited for certain types of jobs.


  • It Never Hurts To Ask. Never assume someone isn’t interested in possibly exploring an opportunity at your company. When you meet someone out of the company or office environment, as you engage him or her in conversation, simply ask if they would be interested. You may be surprised at the reply received.


  • Always Be Looking. You never know when you might meet a potential great employee, so keep business cards in your wallet at all times. You might find the right person in a grocery store check-out line, at a professional networking meeting, or while you’re working out at the health club.


  • Your Company Website. Make sure your company website is always up-to-date, mobile friendly and responsive. Potential employees will often browse your company website for information. Some companies include a page and a portal for interested job candidates to apply via the website.


Remember: The next time you’re seeking that perfect new employee, look around. Be creative when finding and hiring the right employee. Explore your options. The right job candidate may be looking for you just as much as you’re looking for them. With a bit of hard work and resourcefulness you’ll find the right employee who can help push your company to the next level of success and profit. 


To your success!


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