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Are You Paying Attention To Your Current Customers?

I happen to like junk mail. I don’t toss it in the garbage. I like junk mail because it gives me an opportunity to see how other businesses are marketing their product or service. I pay attention to envelopes and the copy on envelopes, the letters and inserts inside, postcards and the size of postcards. I pay attention to how the message and the overall package is being delivered. It gives me perspective about trends in the marketplace.

The junk mail in my mailbox often includes offers targeted to acquiring new customers such as with banks and credit cards running a promotion for new accounts. Prospecting for new business is something every business should be doing. 

But what about your current customers?

Are you paying attention to your current customers?

What are you doing for them? This may take more effort and thought to put together a strategic business plan and to then consistently work the plan. You may even need to customize it for certain customers. Paying attention to your current customers is just as important, if not more important, than acquiring new customers.

It’s all about retention of customers as it is acquiring new customers for long term business success.

When a business loses a key account or worse yet depends on a customer’s business being the majority of their monthly and yearly revenue, it can be devastating when that business is lost.


Here is what you should consider:

  • Are you paying attention to your current customers?
  • If so, how?
  • What have you done for them lately to show how much you appreciate their business?
  • What else can you do for them to keep them buying from you – and not even consider buying from the competition?


In today’s highly competitive business world, every customer counts. You need to pay attention to your business and your customers. Take time to call or visit with current customers. Send them a thank you note. Fine tune and polish your company’s customer service skills. Continually train your employees so that everyone in the company shares the same mindset of how important it is to pay attention to the details when it comes to your customers.

Many businesses, perhaps even yours, are finding it hard to find and acquire customers. But it’s easy to lose them. Pay attention. If you do, your customers will thank you through sales.


To your success!


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