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Are You Losing Control Of Your Business?

I certainly don’t need to tell you how challenging it is to be in business today. Or about how much stress there is each business day. Or about how many hours you are putting into your business to survive the competitive marketplace. It’s important to be in positive control of your business.

Think about this for a moment:

Are you so busy every day you’re losing control of your business?

Would you even know if you are losing control of any aspect of your business?


Thoughtful businessperson looking at how to better take control the businessAs a CEO, president or business owner, you should have at the very least an outline of a business plan for the next six months:

  • stating goals you want to accomplish
  • looking at sales projections
  • analyzing costs
  • reviewing cash flow
  • clearly thinking through what needs to be done to survive, prosper and keep secure the vision you have for your company.

Because are you so busy being caught up in the daily calendar of business events you may have forgotten how important goal setting is for:

  • your company
  • each employee
  • each department – especially sales and marketing
  • yourself.


Take a few minutes and review the goals you have set for the year. Determine if you are reaching them.

  • Do your goals need to be revised or updated?
  • If you are not reaching your business goals: Why?


Goals are just marks on a piece of paper unless you are tracking and analyzing them to make sure they are being met. Don’t get a surprise six months from now and find out that your business is in, for example, financial difficulty because you didn’t have the time to analyze the goals you set. Or, worse yet, you never found the time to determine or to set any goals!

The reason for setting only a six month goal is to have the ability to ride the wave of what comes your way by being nimble and flexible with your response. That’s why you need to constantly update company goals and expectations because the marketplace is constantly evolving and changing. It’s up to you as a CEO, president or business owner to address what you’re observing in the business landscape and how it may or may not affect your company.

What are your business goals for the days remaining of this year?

It doesn’t matter what you did in the first part of the year even if you made a great profit. Now it only matters what you do going forward. At the first of every month you need to act as though being stone cold broke no matter how successful you were the month previous. That’s how you keep yourself on the pulse of your business.

It only matters what you do NOW in your business for success and profit. Which will also lead to less stress and put you in more control of your business on a daily basis.

Though you may enjoying the time of year seasonally when you look outside your office window, now is the time to start planning for the months to come. Before you know it, six months will quickly pass by. Where will you and your business be at that time?

No matter what season it is or what month of the year there is always business out there. Without adequate business planning it is unlikely you will reach your short term or long term goals.

Don’t let that happen.

Remember: Be in control of your business. Every day. Every month. Every year.


To your success!


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