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Are You In Control Of Your Business?

There are two different types of control.  Positive and negative.  Although you want to be in control of your business, you want to do it in a positive way.  If you are not in control; if you don’t understand what’s going on in your business, how can you possibly reach your goals?  Of course, you have to have goals first.  Although you don’t want to be directing every aspect of your business, you do want your key employees to report to you so you know what is going on.  If you are not in control, if you don’t understand what is happening in your business, how can you stop a problem or a situation before it gets out of hand?  Or how can you capitalize on the success you are having but have no knowledge of?  There needs to be a weekly reporting system that all of your key employees are providing you with.  Go with the facts, not excuses.  As soon as you start to accept excuses for why goals are not met you will begin to lose control of your business.  More and more excuses, over time, will unravel your potential for business success.

People will make statements such as – I want to make (fill in the blank) number of dollars this year.  But success and profit is made day by day.  Be successful every day, every week, every month and your year will be great.  Success comes from the marketplace but it also comes from having a working knowledge of every aspect of your business which is sometimes called control.

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