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All CEOs And Business Owners Need To Take Intelligent Risk

If I was sitting at the coffee shop talking with you, or should I say listening to you, you may be telling me how you feel about the current business environment.

Taking intelligent risk in businessYou may have that look in your eyes, like deer in head lights, and be absolutely paralyzed by all the change and uncertainty in the world currently. You don’t know what to do. So rather than do anything significant, you’re overly cautious. It’s understandable that you are scared out of your business wits.

As our conversation goes along, you tell me how you are going to do nothing. Spend no money. Not increase your marketing. Decrease your inventories. Be as conservative as you can possibly be.

It’s at that moment you get my attention.

I take a sip of coffee, lean back in the chair and start reassuring you that the world is not over. In fact, it’s far from over.

I’m on board. I’m with you. Let’s not spend any more money than you have to. Let’s think about what you can cut without hurting the business.

That’s when I repeat myself: I tell you, once again, did you hear me? I didn’t say cut your expenses or pull back your business.

I said: Cut your expenses without hurting your business now or in the future. You look at me in disbelief like I am out of my mind. But I go on to explain there is opportunity in all this confusion. Are you going to take it?

Your business competition is doing one of two things. 1) Is foolishly cutting back on all of the important things that make a business work in today’s modern times; or 2) Is moving forward. Thinking it through. Taking intelligent risk. And will soon be taking your business and position in the marketplace.

If you want to prosper, you need to consider taking risk. But listen to what I am saying: Not foolish, ridiculous risk, but intelligent risk – well thought out, planned risk that will help your business improve and profits grow.

So finish up your coffee. Let’s get to it.


If you’d like to have a business conversation with me about how you and your company can take more intelligent risks for greater success and profit, just call me at 888-738-1855 during business hours, M-F. I talk with CEOs, presidents, business owners; founders and entrepreneurs thoughout the United States every day.

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