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A 7 Point Checklist To Improve Sales

Improve SalesAre you getting the sales results you want from your sales people?

If not, this checklist may help you determine why your company isn’t reaching its sales goals in order to improve sales.




Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Is each sales person submitting timely sales reports?

2) Are sales people providing you with valuable customer feedback?

3) Are the sales goals realistic?

4) Is each sales person achieving individual goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly basis?

5) Is there a sales prospecting action plan?

6) How many new prospects do sales people need to identify and meet with before a deal is closed?  In other words, what is the closing ratio?

7) If you have a sales force or team, are you or your sales manager riding with the sales reps on a regular basis to ensure the quality of each sales presentation and overall customer service?


What else would you add to the list to improve sales at your company?



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