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9 Business Tips For A Successful Cold Calling Campaign, Part 1

Business person cold callingIn order to reap the benefits of a successful cold calling campaign that will add new customers to your company’s bottom line consider following these sales steps:


1) Make sure you are calling strategically targeted prospects who potentially need the products and services your business offers.


2) Have a good prospect list.  To get that list, consider acquiring a list that details company records by: position titles, number of employees, annual sales volume and SIC codes.

You can also get lists sorted geographically to help you consider potential targets by specific states, cities, even zip codes, rather than trying to evaluate companies strewn across the entire nation.

Another option is social selling, networking and prospecting on websites such as LinkedIn.

The better the targeted list, the better results.


3) Make sure you’re talking to the key decision maker.  If you’re not talking to the decision maker you’re wasting valuable time.


4) Do your homework.  Business people have spent decades perfecting the art of cold calling and sales. Don’t think you already know it all; instead, invest the time to learn the secrets of successful cold calling and sales prospecting. Search for books on, Barnes & Noble or at your favorite local bookstores, even libraries, to learn more about cold calling and the art of prospecting successfully.


5) Understand the intent or purpose of your call. Your goal is to identify potential customers who need your product or service. Usually a potential customer will be interested in your product or service because it solves some sort of direct problem or need.


Read 9 Business Tips For A Successful Cold Calling Campaign, Part 2 for steps 6 – 9 to develop your sales and prospecting strategy.

To your sales success!


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