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7 Tips For Business Success In Any Economy

Prior to the Great Recession in October 2008, almost every CEO, president and business owner I talked with wanted to talk about employee motivation and employee problems.How they could better handle the business success coming their way. Companies had more business than they could handle. Many were struggling with managing their employees to get maximum productivity. Business people talked about expanding and growing their businesses as well as how to best handle the work they had. They thought the good times would never stop rolling.

Today the business conversation has changed.

Business people want to talk about sales and marketing. How to find, get and retain business. Not just in the short term but in the long term. Stay ahead of the competition.

What worked before may not work as well as it did. Or at least, not in the same way as it once did. It’s a different business world.

Many business people feel overwhelmed. Even, at times, confused by what they are observing. Concerned about the future. Yet others are finding success no matter what is happening in the economy.


There are a several points CEOs, presidents and business owners may need to consider.


Here are 7 tips for business success in any economy:

1) Always keep in mind that no matter what is happening in the economy there is an economy out there. People are buying. People do need you. It means you need to reimagine, rethink the direction of your company. Determine how your business fits into the current marketplace. 

2) It’s just as important to worry about today as it is to worry about the future. Be concerned about today. What are you going to do today in your business to have the most positive impact? Build on this day by day. It will lead you into a successful business future for your company.

3) If you have been in business for years, in order to be successful today, you need to look at your business as if you were starting over. Regain the positive attitude and energy that you had a decade or two or three ago because you will need this type of determination going forward.

4) Know that traditional marketing is never going to go away. You may have to change your marketing to fit the times and mindset of your customer. Update your marketing. Reposition your marketing message. But to some degree or another, the tried and true methods will always work. It’s about knowing who your customer is and how to best reach them.

5) Know that the world has changed and keeps changing. Technology has changed.  Everything is moving at a much faster pace. But what hasn’t changed are the basic needs and wants of people. Though they may express those needs and wants differently today, people have always wanted the same things. As successful CEO, president or business owner don’t lose sight of that. 

6) Although you shouldn’t give up your traditional marketing, you need to be exploring all of the new marketing possibilities and selling opportunities now available to you. Whether it’s updating your company website, using social media, incorporating social selling or how you can effectively use email to promote your business to current customers.

7) What customers and people in general want today is: trust. They want to be able to trust in doing business with you. Revolve your marketing and sales presentations around this concept.


In business, there is one fact that is indisputable: The United States is a vast country with countless numbers of businesses and customers that you can do business with.

Change what needs changing. Keep what is working in your business.

The question for you, as a CEO, president or business owner, need to consider is: How long can you hold onto the way you have always done business and truly succeed in today’s marketplace? 

Don’t believe your business is going to fail. Because if you do, your business will fail. 

Remember: Failure is NOT an option!

Take a look at everything in your business. Then rewrite your business plan for success. This is the time to think, plan, be logical and develop a winning business strategy.

Start today!


To your success!


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