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5 Examples Of How Being In Control Is Good Business Leadership

The interpretation of language is always interesting. Words can mean different things to different people. Words have different meanings at different times. The words you use every day as a CEO, president or business owner are key to your business leadership success.

Let’s specifically talk about the word: control.

In society the word, control, can have a negative connotation. For example: how governments control various regulations … how certain companies control a particular segment of the marketplace … how communities want to control the paint color of your house or any architectural design changes to a property. Perhaps you may hear about a situation where someone controlled the conversation and no one else could get a significant word in. Some self-help gurus will tell you: Don’t try to control the situation. Don’t try to control things in your life. Just let things flow. But that doesn’t really work in business.

CEO Business Leadership

In business, the word control has a completely different meaning. The meaning is in many ways similar to the word, leader. Are you surprised by the comparison of the two words?

Here are 5 examples of how being in control as a CEO, president or business owner is good business leadership:

1) If you are not in control of your business, if you are not leading, there is a good chance you won’t gain the success you are looking for. You need to continually create the company culture or vision you see for your company. You need to make sure everyone that works for you understands what your vision is and working towards creating that vision everyday so the company can be as extremely successful and profitable.

It’s not that you’re not willing to listen to a co-worker’s ideas and rethink your business position. But if you are not in control of the direction of your company then business goals will not be met; the company will be unfocused and ultimately, unsuccessful and not profitable. The company will be in chaos. That’s why you need to be in control of your business leadership.


2) Consider for a moment your sales department. Are you in control or are the salespeople in control of sales at your company? Your sales team needs to understand who the prospect is. What message to deliver to customers. What the sales goals are. Your salespeople must represent the company well. Without positive control, the sales team will be selling what they want to sell rather than what should be sold. Before you know it, there will not be the right mix of profitable sales. Profits will be down. It’s critical as a CEO, president or business owner to be in control of what’s happening with sales.


3) As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to control the work flow; as well as the employees doing the work. Employees need to understand why they are doing what they are doing; also the time constraints or deadlines involved. How it all fits into the bigger picture for business success. Employees are the business. If they don’t understand why they are doing what they are doing you could find yourself with a very unmotivated, unproductive company with high employee turnover. Your company will fail without the necessary business leadership.


4) You need to control your prospects and customers. You accomplish that by educating the prospect or customer in how your company can help in their quest to solve a problem and to be successful. This will validate why to do business with you. Customers look to your business leadership to determine if your company is a good fit with their needs.


5) Most importantly, you need to control yourself. You always need to be on top of your game, so to speak. Business is a game. But you have to know how to play it in order to win. Have expectations of the people working with you. Have expectations of yourself. Learn how to best communicate with your employees and business associates to motivate them. Make people always feel welcome. Know your company is the kind of workplace they want to continue to work with. You must be secure in your knowledge and skills to manage and operate the company. That’s business leadership.


The examples are endless about how control can be a positive business leadership strategy. Just think about it. Without leadership and positive control you will not get the business results you and your company are looking for.

Remember: Leaders lead. Be in control of your business every day for MORE success.

May this be the best business year ever!


To your success!


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