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4 Examples To Inspire Your Business Success

As you look over the horizon to the year ahead is more success in your business future?

Let’s talk about achieving success beyond what you may think is possible.


Here’s 4 examples to inspire your business success:


1)  Roger Bannister: Have you ever heard of a guy named Roger Bannister? Most people haven’t because it seems that events happen but they get lost in history as time goes on. Roger Bannister was a track and field person who ran the mile. Back then people would say: You can’t run a mile in 4 minutes, it’s impossible. It just can’t happen. The human body, the way it’s constructed, you can’t run a 4-minute mile. Then one day Roger Bannister ran a mile in a little under 4 minutes. It was revolutionary; nobody thought it could ever happen. Today it’s commonplace. In modern day track and field events, if the athletes can’t run a mile under 4 minutes they’re likely to not win the event.


2)  Chuck Yeager: Then there’s another guy named Chuck Yeager. Chuck Yeager was a pilot in the Air Force, a Korean War hero. One of the things that made Chuck an Ace, which means he shot down so many enemy planes in the Korean War, was his vision – he had more than 20/20 vision. So he could, in the days before the military had the modern day radar technology, see things many miles away – including his opponent further out than anybody else. That gave him the advantage. When Chuck Yeager was chosen to be a test pilot, do you know what they said? They said – yes, the magic “they” said: It’s impossible to break the sound barrier, it can’t happen. The plane will fall apart. It’s just something that you can’t do. But guess what? Chuck Yeager one day broke the sound barrier. Since then they have built planes that go four times the speed of sound. There’s an Air Force military plane that’s not in service anymore called the Blackbird which was an amazing plane as it could go about 4,000 mph, give or take a few, because somebody believed it could be done.
3) President John F. Kennedy: Then there was President John F. Kennedy. Who knows what his legacy would have been if he would have continued to serve out his term and didn’t have the tragedy that happened to him. In a speech that President Kennedy made, he famously said: In this decade we will go to the moon. Yet there was no technology to go to the moon. Many thought it wasn’t possible to land on the moon. But President Kennedy inspired everyone to put their mind to it – and to believe the United States was going to indeed achieve not just going to the moon, but landing on the moon one day. Because of the vision the President had, it happened. President John Kennedy believed the United States could achieve great things – including in the space program. He got an entire nation on his team to believe. Why? Because he conveyed confidence. He said: We can do this. Nobody’s ever done it before but we can do it. And as you already know, the rest is history.


4)  Richard Branson: How about Richard Branson? I’m sure you’ve heard his name. Richard Branson is an entrepreneur and a billionaire. He owned a company called Virgin Records, which made him a lot of money but also impacted the music industry. As the story goes, one day he said: I think I’m going to go into the airline business. His advisors told him he was absolutely crazy. You don’t go into the airline business! Only a fool goes into the airline business, why would you risk your money? He said: No, no, no, no – I’m not listening to any of you. Your advice isn’t good advice. I’m going into the airline business. So what did Richard Branson do? He actually picked up the phone, called Boeing and asked: Do you have a 747 I can lease? And that’s how it happened. That’s how Virgin Airlines got started, one of the most successful airlines on the planet, because Richard Branson believed in his business vision.


What happens when you believe in your vision for success? You get things done.


To be more successful in the year ahead, tune out the negativity you encounter daily. Turn a negative situation or thought into a positive situation or thought. You too can be a Roger Bannister, a Chuck Yeager, a President Kennedy, a Richard Branson with your own personal talents and business skills. Be the leader that is just waiting to emerge from inside you.


– Be on your business game every day.

– Be convincing.

– Be dynamic.

– Be inspiring!

– Have the will, drive, and determination to make, whatever it is you want, happen.

– Never, ever, give up!


Then you know what will happen a year from now? You’ll look back and say to yourself: Oh yeah… I really did it!

Then ask yourself: What’s next?


So get out there and be in action! There’s no time to waste when it comes to true business success – and you living the life you truly want.


I want to hear about your success – and any questions you may have on how to achieve more success with your business. Post a comment or call me direct at 888-738-1855.


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