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3 Ways To Increase Your Business Profits

Improve your business profitTo be successful managing and operating a company as a CEO, president or business owner, you need to be able to: open your mind, create a vision for the company and see the big picture. You need to constantly be looking at how to better understand your business for MORE success and MORE profit. Remember: You are in business to make a profit. You do that by solving problems, whatever they may be. People – your customers – are willing to pay you for the product or the service because they realize the value it will bring in getting the problem resolved. Just as you solve problems for your customers, you need to understand what problems you have within your company that are preventing you from making money – in other words, increase your business profits.

All businesses have problems. It’s a matter of how you recognize and deal with the constant barrage of business problems and issues, small and large, that makes the difference to your company’s bottom line.


Here are 3 ways to increase your business profits:

  • Be Thinking MORE About How To Increase Your Business Profits – There’s so much on your schedule and on your mind each day as a CEO, president or business owner you probably don’t think about company profits as much as you should. Generally, the thought is more about sales. For example, how to increase sales. Or… How to grow the company to be as big as possible. Think more about increasing business profits. If you think more about your company’s business profits, then the first point to consider is: efficiency. That includes sales. Think about:


  • How are leads qualified?
  • What is the prospecting plan?
  • What is the sales presentation to each potential customer?
  • What’s the closing ratio?
  • Who is the best salesperson in the company? Why?
  • Who isn’t reaching their sales goals? Why?


Every salesperson who isn’t making their sales quotas is costing you money and business profits. How much money are you willing to lose because the sales process isn’t efficient enough to bring in the necessary business profits to match your business vision? Make certain you have the information you need to make right strategic decisions about how to best improve business profits.


  • Eliminate Distractions In Your Business – Distractions cost you money. Distractions cost the company a loss of profits. For example, a prime distraction is having a steady flow of employees interrupting you throughout the day with questions. Though employees need to know your door is always open, so to speak, there are limits in order for you and everyone to efficiently get work done. A suggestion would be to have specific times during the day when you’re available in the morning, mid-day and towards the close of the business day. Also, take time during the day to get out of your office and walk through the business to check in with specific employees. Of course, if there is something requiring your immediate attention, you should be made aware as soon as possible to keep the business day profitably flowing.


As a CEO, president or business owner you need to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Consider better organizing your email system for focus more on work during business hours. Are there email subscriptions you don’t read? Then unsubscribe. Do you need a better spam filter on your email? Then research what’s the best spam filter for your company. Email can be one of the biggest distractions in your day. If possible, don’t be checking email constantly. Again, have specific times during the business day you check email and to respond to email.


  • Delegate. – Delegate as much as possible in your business to give you MORE time to strategize about how to improve your business and become MORE profitable. When the business is MORE profitable everyone benefits including you, the employees, vendors, customers and the community. As a CEO, president or business owner you don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything. Fully utilize the talents and skills of co-workers to get the profit results you want for the business.


If you wrote down on a piece of paper, in half hour increments, what you did all day the results may surprise you. Often you cannot fully account for the time because so much is wasted. The time you waste in your business day may be one of the reasons you are taking work home at night. Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy more personal time after business hours?


Remember: Don’t waste time. It’s the one thing you can’t get back.

  • Encourage your employees and co-workers to become thought leaders within your company.
  • Encourage employees and business associates to be active participants in your business.
  • Encourage employees to understand how to make decisions with guidelines so they know what’s appropriate and what’s not.

Get your employees to think. Delegate to them. They will be happier employees, want to stay at the company and will look forward to coming to work each day. Make their work interesting rather than the same routine all the time.

Everybody in your business needs to be a profit center – including you, the CEO, president or business owner.

Everybody in your business needs to fully participate and contribute to the activities creating MORE success and MORE profit.

It’s a win-win for you, the employees, the company and the customers – and it will increase your business profits.


To your success!


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