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3 Points Business And Yoga Have In Common

So many things in daily life can be compared with business. So many observations can be made. All you need to do is look around at your daily routine. Do you or someone you know practice yoga on a regular basis?

Successful business person meditating during business day.Yoga is an exercise that helps you practice physical and mental disciplines to improve flexibility, breathing, reduce stress and maintain, overall, good health. It has been practiced for centuries around the world. For many, it is part of a daily mindset as to how daily life, including business, is viewed.

There is a correlation between business and yoga.


Here’s 3 points business and yoga share in common:


  • Flexibility: Yoga helps your body to become more flexible. You need to have flexibility in business to achieve success. Perhaps you’ve developed a great business plan for the day or for a specific project. Everything appears to be going well with your plan. Then suddenly it’s not working as well as anticipated. You need to be willing to adapt and change yet maintain your goal. Or perhaps you work with a great group of co-workers which helps the work day to flow right along. Then suddenly, someone decides to leave the company. There’s disruption to the business flow. You need to be flexible enough to work through it. In business, you always need to be prepared for what happens. If you’re not prepared as well as you should be, then be flexible enough to make decisions and to change what needs to change. You need to be able to work in the environment you are in. To be present in the moment. Not filled with anxiety and worry about something that may never happen. You need to breathe! Just as an instructor would tell you to do in your yoga practice.


  • Stress: In today’s world, who isn’t stressed?! Yoga can help you relieve the stress and calm the mind of your life and business worries. But you can’t remain in a yoga posture all day at work. So how do you deal with a stressful business day? By understanding your company and your role in the company more than you do now. To understand more of what’s needed and not needed. To understand what will make the business flow more easily. By decreasing the stress in your business day you will notice more mental clarity and awareness. Business ideas will flow. You’ll get more accomplished each day and enjoy work more. The ball of daily confusion will be gone – and so too will the stress as you will be able to take on each new challenge and stretch to your fullest potential!


  • Discipline: Yoga isn’t something you do one time to reach your physical goals. Nor is business something you do for an hour a day or just once a week to be successful. It’s something you do for a lifetime. Both take practice and discipline in order to excel at what you do. Understand what you want to accomplish. Understand what you want to have happen with every yoga session or every business day.



Make the right moves, in the right way, at the right time – whether it’s business or yoga.

With …

  • mental clarity
  • flexibility
  • remembering to breathe to reduce the stress
  • being focused 
  • disciplined 

… will put you in a position of consistently positive results which will keep you always moving in the right business direction.


To your success!


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