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20,674 Business Books You Have Never Read

If you go to, for example,, and search on the site with the words, management and leadership, you come up with at least 20,674 books. By the time you read this, the number is certain to have increased. Can you imagine so much business knowledge? It would take more than a lifetime to read every one of those books. Every day more books about business and topics related to business are being published. Not to mention specific publications including the Wall Street Journal, Investors Daily, USA Today, Barron’s, trade magazines, business journals, local newspapers, blogs and countless other sources of business information. You can also go to your local library. Many libraries have excellent business oriented resources.

With all of this business information available and so easily accessible one would wonder why business people have so many unresolved problems and issues at their respective companies.

There are actually two reasons I can think of:

1.) Business people, and people in general, don’t take the time to read a book or any other appropriate information that will help them understand how to better run their business or to better understand co-workers in order to motivate everyone to their full potential. There are other options such as listening to audio books and podcasts or following business writers on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, for example, to access business information in a timely way.

2.) Business people may be reading the books, articles and business journals but then don’t put into practice what has been learned. Just reading words. Not translating those words to have meaning in daily business activities.


When you read, it has the potential to open up your mind. Adjust your perspective. Change can be difficult, sometimes even painful and it often requires patience, vision and determination to see it through. To attain specific goals. It is often not instant gratification. In life or in business.

As a CEO, president or business owner:

  • Are you taking advantage of all the business information available to you? 
  • Do you work every day to incorporate the business information that resonates with your management style and type of business? 


Your business can be more successful than you ever thought possible if you just take the time to access more of the business information options available to you.

Starting today, set aside time every day to educate and make yourself more open, more aware.

If you don’t understand the subject matter, talk to another experienced business person who can help you or seek out a business consultant, mentor or advisor who is an expert with a particular business subject to help you move your business forward.


To your success!


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