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10 Characteristics To Look For When Hiring Salespeople

CEOs, presidents and business owners can’t just randomly go about hiring salespeople. Regardless of sales experience, it is essential that your sales personnel understand the concept of closing the sale.

It cannot be emphasized enough:

Hire “closers“, people who have the ability to close the sale.


Regardless of sales experience and proficiency, you still will have to train your sales team in the way you expect business to be done and how the product or service will be represented.

Those with less sales experience will require a great deal more training. You need to have an ongoing sales training program that will educate your salespeople in what your company does and why the customer or client buys from you.

With salespeople, it’s not just a matter of can they sell. Professional selling involves much more than “how may I help you” and sharing information with the customer or client about your product or service.


Hiring the Right Salespeople For Your BusinessHere are 10 characteristics to look for when hiring salespeople:

1) Are not afraid to prospect

2) Are not afraid of rejection

3) Are able to provide the best customer service to each and every customer and potential customer

4) Have a belief and passion in what they do

5) Are self-motivated

6) Are not afraid to ask for the sale. In other words, go for the close and ask for the money.

7) Continuously study how to do it better no matter how many years they have been in sales. Consider themselves to be a professional salesperson rather than someone who is just doing this till something better comes along.

8) Possesses a natural ability to sell

9) Are determined and driven. When they get a “no” response or a rejection by the sales prospect they understand that they are one step closer to getting a “yes” with the next sales prospect.

10) Are willing to get up the next day and do it all over again because they are professional salespeople and truly enjoy their work. For them, it’s a way of life to sell.

These 10 characteristics are just the start of what to look for when hiring salespeople. You need to always be working with the sales team to get the best sales results.

As a CEO, president or business owner, you expect a great deal from your sales team.  You need to also expect a great deal from yourself as you lead the sale team to success.

It always comes back to the same thing in business: Leaders lead.

It’s especially important to lead when it comes to sales.

Remember: Salespeople sell. No excuses.


To your success!


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