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10 Characteristics To Look For When Hiring Sales Closers

Recently, a business associate told me about how a salesperson convinced her to buy a product she never would have thought of purchasing for her business. The salesperson prospected her. It started out as a cold call. The salesperson was skilled enough to engage her in conversation and convince her they should meet. During the appointment the salesperson was once again so skilled during the sales presentation. Overcame any objections. Then closed the deal and got the sale. This is a GREAT sales example! Salespeople are really sales closers.

Can your salespeople do that in your business?

businesspeople shaking handsAs I always say: Salespeople sell. Closers close. No excuses.

There is debate about this but in my opinion there must be a gene in the DNA for sales ability. For some people, it’s a dominent gene and for others, recessive. People are born to sell. And when they can sell, they just sell. It’s natural to them. Sure they may need coaching and training and refining of sales techniques but the natural instinct to sell is already there. Without that natural instinct to sell, it’s much harder to close the deal.

Depending upon how your business is structured, the goal with any sales process is to close the deal.

One of the most frequent issues CEOs, presidents and business owners face is not enough sales are being closed.

The question you need to ask yourself, as a CEO, president or business owner, is:

When hiring salespeople, am I hiring closers or just order takers?


Here are 10 characteristics to look for when hiring sales closers:

1) A closer doesn’t hesitate to ask for the sale or the contract.

2) A closer gets a “yes” from the prospect throughout the sales process.

3) A closer is not afraid to ask for the money. Someone can be a great sales presenter but can’t bring the sale to a close because they don’t like to ask for the money.

4) When a closer gets a “no” from the prospect they keep on selling until they get a “yes”.

5) A closer knows the product inside and out.

6) A closer knows and anticipates the majority of objections before asked by the prospect.

7) A closer is prepared to take any objection head on. Answer the question to the satisfaction of the prospect and then move on in the sales process.

8) A closer may not know it but they are actually skilled debaters. Any debate team would be happy to have them on their debate team. In many ways closing the sale is like winning the debate.

9) A closer gets a great deal of satisfaction out of the sale other than just the possible commission or bonus they may receive for meeting sales quotas.

10) A closer serves the prospect’s needs rather than just push something on someone who doesn’t want or need the product or service your company offers.


When hiring salespeople, always examine the candidate’s closing skills.


Here’s 5 ways to find out if potential hires are GREAT sales closers:

A) Ask the candidate to demonstrate sales and closing skills by selling to you. Does the candidate convince you to buy?

B) Have the sales candidate spend time with one of your top producing salespeople. Perhaps go on a sales call together. Afterwards, ask the sales candidate if they are comfortable with the job description, responsibilities and what they observed. Ask the potential hire how they would have handled the close?

C) Get as much verified sales information as possible during the interview process about the candidate’s individual sales success such as with prospecting and closing ratios.

D) As the potential hire what their closing techniques are.

E) Find out what motivates the sales candidate to sell, in general.


Being a salesperson isn’t enough. Presenting and demonstrating the product is an important part of the sale. If the person can’t consistently close prospects the employee will be a cost to your business. Not the profit center you need or expect them to be.

For sales success, always hire sales closers.

Remember: Salespeople sell. Period. No excuses.


To your success!


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