Frequently Asked Questions About Business Consulting with Howard

Why do CEOs, presidents and business owners hire you, Howard, as their business consultant?

Business people hire me as their business consultant to help “make it happen”. That can also be defined as: “to change direction”, “get into action”, “move forward” and to “determine the next step”.Generally, CEOs, presidents and business owners initially seek me out because they are worried, overwhelmed and confused about their business. They need someone to genuinely count on, trust, and depend upon for solid, consistent, unbiased, objective, third-party business advice, knowledge and perspective. Now that means different things to different business people.So let me give you some examples.

  • To pinpoint how and where you may have gotten off track with your business.
  • To sort through and solve various business problems and business issues.
  • You’re simply not getting what you want out of your business and can’t identify the reason why.
  • You’ve reached a plateau and want to get to the next level.
  • To become even more successful than you already are.
  • Find it lonely at the top. And you need someone who can provide valued opinion other than family, friends or business associates. All delivered in a straight-forward, brutally honest manner.
  • You’re literally tired of losing sleep at night over the business and want to have better business days so you can actually enjoy your work again.
  • To find practical solutions to issues affecting you personally as well as professionally.
  • To keep you focused on the vision you have for your company… to maintain the success you have… to grow your business.
  • To make a profit.

Your reason for seeking a business consultant may be different than the examples listed above.

You call yourself a business management specialist. Are you a business consultant? A business advisor? A business coach? What exactly do you do?
Yes, to all of the above and much more. I really know what I am talking about when it comes to helping CEOs, presidents and business owners with their business. I don’t make that claim lightly. I knock myself out for my clients. I truly care about my clients. The relationship I have with each client is unique and custom fit to their needs. As I tell each client: “I live to serve.”

For most of my clients, this isn’t just about business. Yes, it’s about living your dream and the pursuit of success with your own business. But if you’re not getting the results you want then it can, and usually does, have a major impact on your life.

So I am many things to my clients and for many different reasons. But the focus is on your business and getting what you want from the business – whatever that may be.

To more precisely answer the question:

My job is not to give you a short-term fix or to hand you some reworked boiler-plate plan and then say “good luck”. That’s what many so-called “coaches” and “consultants” do. I call myself a business management specialist because I specialize in helping you, the CEO, president or business owner, to better understand your business and how to better manage the business. I help you run your business with less stress. I help you get the business answers you need.

For some it’s about keeping the focus on the big picture; for others, it’s about dealing with everything that occurs on a day-to-day basis. It really depends upon the individual client. We work through your specific situations together based on what you need and what you want. So the topics are very wide-ranging. Ultimately, it all has to start with you in order to “make it happen”.

And that really sums up what I do. I help CEOs, presidents and business owners “make it happen”.

It’s about taking the next step and the next step after that. It’s about going onto the next great business idea.

So each business day, as I talk with my clients, I consult with them on what are the important issues of the day and even sometimes looking towards the future; I coach when necessary; I advise them as to what is the best way to approach or think about an issue, while examining it from all possible sides, always allowing the client to make the final decision; and I act as a confidante because each business discussion is only between me and the client and goes no further.

Bottom line, it’s all about the management of the business and doing what is right and best for the business and for you. As CEO, president or business owner, you determine the true fate of your business.

What I am is the person who helps the CEO, president or business owner translate not only what needs to be done but also in a way that works. Together we create new ideas and even sometimes revive or rethink old ideas. It’s always about how to make the business better.

I am confident that I have the business experience and the knowledge to help you reach your business goals.

Why should I work with you?
Three reasons:First, I bring to our business discussions a combination of business knowledge, real world experience and a highly intuitive approach. I consider myself to be a student of business. Always learning. Always studying. Always wanting to know more about business. Most of my clients would tell you that working with me is a very unique and personal experience. My approach to business consulting isn’t typical yet it brings real results.Second, you work directly with me. I never hand you off to someone else, for example, some junior-level staff member. Some consulting organizations use a sales person, as the initial contact, to draw you in. That won’t happen here. There is no sales pitch. There’s no convincing you. You know what you are getting because when we work together; you work directly with me. I can tell you that by the time we conclude our initial discussion, you will know if we should be working together.And third, my consulting with you is not based on any boilerplate binders filled with reports that just sit piled up somewhere in your office. Nor any other consulting clichés you may have experienced. Instead, I work directly with you; and only you. Together, we work on what you want for the business, what you are thinking, and how to get you there. It’s about you so it’s highly individualized attention.
How do you deliver your business advice?
I work with you during one-on-one phone conferences, both scheduled and unscheduled. As my client, you’ll know you can call me on my direct, toll-free phone number at any time with your questions or challenges. I encourage my clients to just pick up the phone between scheduled calls. For example, if an unexpected problem comes up or an issue catches you off-guard or even if you just need to talk something through or have a question, just call me. If you want to talk about something and it’s on your mind, don’t wait, just call me. I make myself available to my clients each business day. That’s what I’m here for.
What is the Howard Lewinter business formula? Do you have a business methodology?
My only formula or method is this: I do not believe in turning a business upside down and creating chaos. I don’t try to mold your business to some theoretical model. Instead, I say that it’s perfectly OK to be who you are. You don’t have to be someone else. Let’s take all of the skills and talents you have and use them to define, refine and move towards your unique vision of success.
Do you specialize in any particular industries?
I work exclusively with CEOs, presidents and business owners. I work with a personality not any particular industry. If you are a CEO, president or business owner of a company located here in the United States with current annual revenues of at least a half million dollars if not many, many millions more and you want to get more from your business than you are now, then we should talk.
Do you work with entrepreneurs, family businesses, one-person businesses or large companies?
Yes, to all of the above. I work with entrepreneurial businesses whether they are individually owned, family owned or a corporate structured business. I work only with the CEOs, presidents and business owners of those entrepreneurial businesses – those who make the decisions and who have the most to gain or lose from the consequences of those decisions. What is important is your willingness to think about your business in new and different ways – to gain new perspective.
What kinds of results can you help me achieve in my business?
The results really depend on you, your company, and your willingness to change what needs to change.I have a track record. Since 1989, I have been guiding, focusing and advising CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States. I have clients from New York to Hawaii. I can give you a road map, keep you on course, and help you avoid the detours along with way. But ultimately, only you can determine your own success.I work with talented, driven business people who aren’t getting what they want out of their business. My job is to provide you with business information that will help you become more successful or to help you regain success.The result of working with me is you will understand who you are as a business person and what your business is really about. You will gain lifetime skills and develop lifelong-lasting attitudes.You will see what you might not have seen before or simply see it in a very different way; and you will understand what you might not have understood before.
Do you offer any sort of introductory or free consultation?
The answer is: Yes. When we talk, I’m going to listen to what you have to say. I want to understand what you are thinking, what your goals are, what your vision is for the company and yourself, where you want to go, what you’ve done that worked and what didn’t work. Then and only then will we start to have a conversation about how to reach your goals. We’ll toss around some ideas you can immediately implement into your business. In one phone conference, you’ll know why we should be working together. I guarantee an interesting business conversation that will move your business forward – if, and only if: 1) you have an open mind, 2) you’re committed to do the necessary work and make the necessary changes, 3) you’re determined to succeed. If that’s the case, we’ll talk about the business results you want and how to get there.
How do I contact you?
  1. The fastest way is to call me direct, toll-free: 888-738-1855 during business hours,
    Monday thru Friday, 8 AM – 7 PM/Eastern Time.