Howard’s Business Consulting Services

What I Will Do For You


When CEOs, presidents and business owners sign up for my business consulting services this is what I always tell them: I will knock myself out for you.And I will tell you the same thing at the conclusion of our initial discussion.That’s just the way I am with all my clients.I care about each and every client and their business well-being.It’s my job to look out for you and to make sure you are okay, in the very best sense of the word.


I have a real passion for what I do.I don’t just think about your business problems and business issues when talking with you.You are on my mind even after we hang up the phone.My mind is constantly thinking about business.Business consulting isn’t just my work.It’s also my life.It’s what I do.



How We Will Work Together



I consult with business clients throughout the United States, from New York to Hawaii, every business day by telephone. It’s important that you take the time to focus on your business.We will have two scheduled phone conferences every week.I will be available to you Monday thru Thursday by phone or email to answer any questions you have.


Our business relationship is an interactive one.There is nothing boiler-plate here.So what do we talk about?Everything and anything that relates to you and your business success.


All day long people are vying for your attention.As the decision maker and the one who holds the vision for the company, if you don’t take time to focus on your business you will never accomplish your goals.You will be in a constant state of confusion.


You need time to take for yourself in order to think through your business. Consider our phone conferences as time to focus, regroup, explore and state what is on your mind.It’s a time to think big, dream big and to put your thoughts into realistic, attainable action.


Often business just can’t wait till the next scheduled call.In addition to our two pre-scheduled phone conferences per week, all of my clients always have unlimited phone access to me for help with virtually any business problem or business issue that may come up between calls.Don’t ever hesitate to call me.That’s what I am here for.I have purposely designed my business consulting services so that as my client, you have total access to my business knowledge when you need it most.


I’m available to you so you can pick up the phone when you:


·Need a question answered

·Have an unexpected situation

·Have a pending business deal to discuss

·Are about go into an important meeting and need to discuss strategy

·Are returning from a big meeting and want to review

·Have personnel problems

·Have the next great business idea pop into your head

·Just need to talk about your day


When you sign on as my client, I will give you a direct, toll-free phone number that I devote exclusively to clients.I encourage my clients to use this phone number any time they need business help. If I am out of the office the phone number will forward automatically to my cell phone so I am always available to you.


As I mentioned earlier, I am always thinking about business.That includes your business.You can expect unscheduled phone calls from me when I have an idea for you or I want to raise a question or provide some additional perspective that may be important to your business success.


My clients also frequently use email (and fax) to communicate with me.Clients often email over documents to review, details of topics to be discussed when we talk next, a quick question or simply the latest news.


The more we communicate, the more I know about your business, the better your business will be.Your success, your well-being is my main concern.



The Work We Do Together Can’t Be Found In Any Book

Don’t get me wrong. I love books and the knowledge that I acquire from them.In fact, most weekends you can find me in the bookstore or library.I often discuss books I am reading with my clients.


The work we do together can’t be found in any book.That’s because you are unique.And your business is unique.One size does not fit all.Nor is your business hypothetical.It’s a real, interactive business.


What I help you do is take business information, break it down into the simplest possible form and help you understand how to use it in your business.No matter how challenging the business problem or business issue, together we will find a business solution that works and you are comfortable with.


Each time we talk during our private phone conferences, my primary service is to help you, the CEO, president or business owner by guiding, focusing and advising you on your unique business problems, business issues and how to reach your unique business goals.So you can have a better life.


I do not send you binders full of charts, graphs, statistics and reports.And I don’t send you thick manuals with endless pages of small print.All of that usually just sits on your desk or in some corner of your office collecting dust.In other words, I don’t do boiler-plate.


I work with you on business information you can use in your business right now and implement immediately.This keeps your business moving forward.There is no manual, book, binder for that.



Our Working Together Will Transform Your Business. Greater Business Success With Less Business Stress.


When we talk you will experience first-hand how I can help you transform your business by…


·Working through the day-to-day business problems.

·Translating your business ideas into reality.

·Getting focus – clarity – and keeping you on track.


If you want greater business success…

If you want less business stress…


Now is the time to get into action.


Every minute you don’t do something about whatever it is that is bothering you about your business is another minute of lost profit and added stress.


Ready To Get Started?


Just dial 888-738-1855 during business hours, Monday thru Friday.




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