The Presidential Election Is Over. Time To Rethink Your Business.

Tuesday, November 6th, was a historic presidential election. Probably the most important election of our lives. There is no question this election will dictate what happens in our economy for decades to come. No matter if you are an Obama supporter or a Romney supporter, the election is now over. We need to all come together and work together to keep the United States strong. It’s time to rethink your business strategy.

It’s apparent that approximately 50% of the population will be satisfied with the election and 50% will be extremely unhappy with the election. But right now, as a business person, as a CEO, business owner or entrepreneur, you need to look at this election as neither a Democrat or a Republican. You need to look at this election from a business perspective. And you need to look at this election from the vantage point of a successful business person. Now, more than ever, you need to be a leader.

You may or may not like the outcome, but the outcome is what it is. Now it’s time to go to work. To get back to the business of doing business.

Successful business people will evaluate the situation. Then they will do what they do best: Find  opportunities. Fill gaps in the marketplace.

Rethink your business plan. Rethink your sales and marketing plans.

But the magic word here is: rethink. Rethink what you need to do in your business to succeed, in the short term and the long term.

Don’t just sit back. Be in action. Find new opportunities. Make the current economic and political situation work for you not against you.

After 23 years of advising CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs, I know that the business people in this great country, the United States, have what it takes for success and prosperity. Make the decision today that 2013 will be one of your best years ever. That will only happen if you take a positive approach to your business; and inspire and motivate everyone around you.

Remember: Leaders lead.

Make sure you are running the best business possible. And together, we can get this economy moving in the right direction.


If you are a CEO, president or business owner… and would like to discuss how to rethink your business strategy and move your company forward in 2013, I would welcome having a business conversation with you. I’d be interested in your perspective and observations about business and the economy; and we’ll toss around a few business ideas that you can immediately begin to implement into your business for greater success. Call me at 888-738-1855 during business hours, M-F.