In This Economy, When Making Business Decisions, Keep It Local


Recently, I was in Asheville, NC. One of my favorite places to visit.

The city of Asheville has some of the best marketing campaigns I have ever seen. One of the city’s primary marketing efforts includes the slogan, “Asheville Grown. Buy Local”.

When you visit restaurants throughout Western North Carolina the owners and chefs take pride in using as much local meat, poultry, produce, dairy ingredients as possible in the dishes they serve. The menus proudly display the names of local farms. Tailgate markets abound throughout the city. They feature some of the best local food offered on a seasonal basis. Buying local extends to almost anything else you can imagine in Asheville such as artisan breads and baked goods, clothes, pottery, crafts, furniture and music. The people living in Asheville are proud of their city. Rightly so.

The entrepreneurial spirit seems to be thriving in Asheville even in this challenging, uncertain economy. Asheville has long embraced growing and buying local food, goods and services which is just now catching on in the rest of the country.  Perhaps in your city or neighborhood there is now more of an emphasis on buying local.


But let’s look at the concept of “local” from a business perspective.

As the famous politician, Tip O’Neill, once said: “All politics are local”. The same applies to business.

There are business people in this economy who think the recession never ended. There are other business people who think that what we, as a nation, have gone through is much worse than a recession and it is more like a depression. Only history will determine the final opinion on what we are now living through. The opposite end of the spectrum is that there are people making a fortune in this economy. Still others who have lost everything.

So when it comes to the decisions you make as a CEO, company president or business owner every day, keep it local. Be careful of what you are thinking. Make sure your thoughts are not negative or influencing your business decisions in a negative way.

Yes, it’s tough out there. No doubt.

When is the economy going to recover? I don’t know. Neither do the economists.

Understand what is going on in the marketplace for you and your business.

Write your business plan by evaluating what the current conditions are. Based on your industry. Based on where you live and operate a business. Carefully think through how you are going to be one of those business people who succeed in this economy.

During these challenging economic times you need to do everything better than the competition. You may have to work longer and harder. Be more determined to succeed.

Failure is not an option. Get those negative thoughts out of your head. Get working on your business plan to succeed now. Not tomorrow. Now. Today.

And keep it local.

It doesn’t matter if there is uncertainty throughout the country. It only matters how you respond to it. Many business people are afraid, even scared, right now about what is going on. It paralyzes how they do business. They get caught up in what is happening everywhere except right at their own local business address.

Don’t get caught up in all the media hype-of-the-day. Take what information is appropriate to you, your business and your situation. Then make your business decisions based on how it applies to your company directly.

That’s what it means in this economy to keep your business decisions local.


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