Business Answers Are All Around You

If you think you need to hire an expensive guru to teach you all the latest and greatest when it comes to running your business, think again.  Granted there are times when it is appropriate to hire a business expert to help you solve a particular business problem or business issue.  But there are gurus all around you in your every day life to help you with your business too.  You just need to observe in order to find some of your business answers.  You can do that by just being aware of your surroundings.

One of the first gurus to look at is a two year old child.  That two year old child knows how to focus.  If the two year old wants a cookie, even if Mom says no, that child will be persistent in achieving their goal of a cookie till Mom finally breaks down and gives the child not one but two cookies.  Now that’s determination!  And that is a child who knows how to close the sale!

Examples of business answers in every day life are everywhere.  Are you reading out-of-town newspapers to study the ads and promotions that businesses in another city are using to bring customers in?  Are you closely watching television and picking out the good commercials from the bad?  Have you ever been tempted to buy anything as a result of those commercials?  Are you doing market research to see what techniques businesses just like yours are using to sell products or services?  Have you done internet research seeking information to help increase your marketing and sales efforts?  There are so many examples of opportunities around us to help us run better businesses that it is impossible to list them all.

Even when I go out to breakfast at the local pancake house, I get to watch a sales professional, Roseanne the waitress, in action with her customers.  Roseanne welcomes everyone as they walk through the door as though they are her long lost cousins and most favorite people in the world.  Roseanne actually has a following of customers who come into the restaurant just to see her.  Although I have never asked, I am sure her tips are significantly higher than the rest of the wait staff.  Why?  Because Roseanne knows how to work each and every table she serves with great customer service.

Being in business is about being consciously aware.  Aware of what your customers want and need.  Aware of what the business competition is doing.  Aware of ourselves and how the company is managed. 

So when you are out there in the world today, pay attention to all those unintended gurus who will give you for free a PhD in business success and the business answers you are seeking.

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