4 Questions To Get Your Business Off To A Great Start In 2013

It’s a new year. So how do you get your business off to a great start? Get Your Business Off To A Great Start 2013 is a chance to start over. To start anew. Other than a date on the calendar, everything else is essentially the same. People have the same basic  wants and needs; as a CEO, president or business owner you have the same business challenges and you probably still have the same staff at your company that you did at the end of 2012. So nothing has really changed from one calendar year to another in your business. So how do you get off to a great start in the New Year, 2013? Ask yourself these 4 questions: 1) What do “they” want? “They” can be almost anyone that you encounter on any given business day, including: employees, prospects, suppliers, customers, your friends and family and others you meet on a daily basis.   2) What do “they” need? To be successful in business, it’s always about fulfilling the needs of your customers. Remember: Often what a prospect or customer “wants” isn’t necessarily what they “need”. The key to success is to identify the real need which may take some effort through a well thought list of questions to fully uncover.   3) How to best deliver the message? To effectively deliver the message, requires in-depth thinking on your part and others in the company. Always deliver a message that acknowledges and delivers the need of the prospect or customer. If you do this consistently, your business will be successful.   4) What is YOUR motivation? It may be money. But is that what truly what motivates you? You need to determine what motivation comes before the money. And by-the-way, I don’t discount the importance of money. It’s just not the main factor of why you do what you do. Dig deeper. Think about what truly drives you to do what you do each and every business day. It’s about what you want. That’s your motivation. That is what leads to the success and the money. Now it’s time to fill in the blanks to the 4 questions listed above. Write down your responses then put your answers aside for a day or so. Go about your business day. Ask other people in business, even the dentist when you go for a checkup or the owner of your favorite restaurant, the same questions and listen to their responses. This will help you to further fine tune your own answers. Then develop a plan to get your business off to a great start in 2013 that will keep the success going all year long and into 2014!

  • MaryKaplan

    I really like this post.  I especially like the idea of asking other business owners the four questions.  You are so right that hearing what other business owners say may get you to adjust your thinking.  I totally agree that the motivation is not the money for money’s sake.  It is what the money can allow us to do that is the true motivation.  Happy New Year to you too!

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