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12 Ways To Improve Your Business

I don’t know of any CEO, president or business owner that doesn’t want to improve their business. In fact, you wouldn’t be a successful business person if you didn’t want to improve your business in some way or another – especially in  today’s economy and rapidly changing marketplace.

When CEOs, presidents and business owners call me, it’s always about how to improve the business – to make the business better.

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Here are 12 ways to improve your business:

1) Profit & loss statements: Look at these monthly. The report will often present clues where the business needs to improve.

2) Create a work environment of employee freedom but yet accountablity:  This will foster the creation of success at every level of your business. Encourages pride in the daily work.

3) Prospecting and sales: Most companies can always improve upon the prospecting and sales cycle.

4) Don’t assume it’s just sales that needs addressed to improve the business. Look at all areas of your company, including: operations, accounting, staffing and training, marketing, customer service, products and services.

5) Clear, concise communications: With employees – start with how you hire and train. Then go beyond that to every day communications with all employees. Next, look at how you communicate with customers – and also with prospects. Is your message getting through?

6) Look to other CEOs, presidents and business owners: Be inspired by what other business people are doing. With the advent of social media such as Twitter and publications online, it’s easier than it ever has been to study the habits of other successful people running businesses.

7) Study the competition: But don’t mimic the competition. Your company is unique. Let it stand alone so customers can see the difference between your company and the competition. This will make it easier for potential customers to choose your company.

8) Study well-run organizations that are not in your industry but are parallel to your industry.

9) Be open to change and new ideas. Small changes can lead to big, significant changes over time.

10) Know your business priorities. Stay focused on the priorities.

11) To improve your business involves change. Set a steady course that others will accept.

12) Remember: Leaders lead. Be the leader you were destined to be at your company.

After you read these 12 points, go back and read them again. See how they apply to your company. Then get into action to improve your business for profitable results.

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