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Howard has many gifts, but the most meaningful one he's given me is: a good night’s sleep. I no longer toss and turn at night wondering what to do with my company, because Howard has helped me define a clear plan of action that has resulted in my attacking my challenges. At the end of the day, I’m positively exhausted in the very best way.
Howard has earned my highest recommendation.

CEO + Chief Creative Officer, Branding Agency, Southeast USA

If you can, work with Howard Lewinter… Howard helped me through the challenges provided by serious problems as well as great opportunities. Sometimes it isn’t obvious you need counsel when things are going well as when they are not… I often find myself referring to advice Howard has given me, or just thinking: What would Howard say?

CEO/President, Telecommunications Company, Midwest USA

Howard’s gift is that when you present the question, the problem, something happens in his head and he says, ‘Okay, how about this?’ And I say, ‘Gee, I never thought of that.’ In the course of a week, in the course of four or five conversations, at least three or four times I’m going to say, ‘Hey, that’s it. That’s good. Thank you very much.’ Howard actually gives me ideas for which I’m appreciative. My peers can’t do that. So I’d say that’s ‘gifted’.

CEO, Manufacturing Company, Southeast USA

As the chief executive of a global software company, I receive many calls from consultants who want to ‘help’ me. I’ve chosen to do business with only one – Howard – because he does help me ... In my role, I don’t have anyone to report to, so I look to my calls with Howard like meetings with my coach … he always keeps our focus on what really matters: growing revenues and increasing the value of the company. I cannot credit Howard with all of our success. But revenues are up 300% over last year. So, thank you Howard for your help.

President, Global Biomedical Software Company, Midwest USA

Howard Lewinter helps me attain the magnification needed to focus on my business instead of on the daily minutia. To the ant, a plow is a cataclysmic machine of immense proportions; to the farmer, a plow becomes a tool for making food. Howard has taught me to be comfortable thinking about my company at a new 'normal' scale. The head of every company needs a close cabinet of trusted advisors. When making the tough decisions, Howard Lewinter provides valuable outside-in perspective. He should be on the board of every major corporation.

CEO, Software Development Company, Western USA

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